Watch This Woman Calmly Capture a Wild Python at Her Office

It’s not out of the ordinary to come across a spider or fruit fly in the office. However, what would you do if that visitor were instead a snake?

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Well, first thing’s first: keep calm and don’t panic. At least, that’s what you can learn from this woman who calmly captured a snake at her office. While at work, journalists from Channel Nine in Darwin, Australia, discover a python behind their computers. But rather than panic, employees handled the situation with precision, agility and grace.  

Unflinchingly and without a sound, an Australian woman, reportedly the station’s program manager, used a piece of wire to pull the snake out then grabbed it with her hands and calmly placed it into a shopping bag.

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“My first suggestion to get rid of it was to burn the place down but no one else went for it,” said Channel Nine news director Kate Limon. “I was googling (a snake catcher) to call ASAP but turns out our program manager is a wildlife warrior… In her bloody floral dress and heels — she put us all to shame.”

So if a snake happens to show up in your office, here’s how you can save the day: