Samsung’s massive 88-inch Q9 TV is now at BestBuy for $19,999.99

Samsung’s massive flagship 88-inch Q9 TV is available to purchase at BestBuy for $19,999.99. It’s the first time we’ve been given any indication about the price, and as expected, it’s a huge one. The TV features a 2,160p (4K) resolution, HDR, and built-in Wi-Fi. BestBuy also offers a “geek-squad protection” for a meager $2,099.99, which provides insurance coverage for five years.

The Q9 is part of Samsung’s new QLED TV series the company announced at CES in January, touting it as the next step in TV evolution. Samsung says the QLEDs are brighter with better color reproduction compared to regular OLEDs. However, in real-world testing, CNET’s David Katzmaier gave the Q7 QLED TV a 3.5 star review, noting that “the expensive Q7’s overall image quality can’t match OLED or the better LED LCD TVs.” The series comes in three models — the Q9, Q8, and Q7, with prices starting from $2,499.99 for the 55-inch Q7F.

If you’re hesitant in spending $20,000 on a TV, remember that the biggest 4K TV money can buy is the 262-inch C Seed 262, which costs $539,000. Plus if you want it with a “project management package” that’s an additional $38,500. Spare change really.

Image: Samsung