Outline of LG’s V30 phone leaks, confirming sliding second display concept is dead

LG is set to debut a new device — likely its V30 flagship phone — on August 31st, a day before the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. Up until today, we had no idea of what to expect from the phone, apart from a rumored switch to OLED displays from LCD. Yesterday, though, we got the clearest image yet from OnLeaks. Unfortunately, it’s only an outline of the phone from its user manual.

The V30 looks a lot like the V20. It has a dual-camera system and a rear fingerprint sensor. The front-facing camera does seem to be arranged slightly differently in that it’s embedded in the top bezel, and it seems like LG is getting rid of the “second screen” that was on the prior two models, or at least blending it into the rest of the display.

LG reportedly considered adding a sliding secondary display that looked different than any other flagship device. I hoped it was real, although when VentureBeat‘s Evan Blass leaked images of it back in May, he noted that they were based on an old concept and didn’t represent a final product. Now we know for sure the second display isn’t happening. I’m sad! It was so cool! Let’s take a look at that old idea one more time:

Goodbye, phone concept. Maybe we’ll see you again someday in another device. We’ll be thinking of you.