Mophie’s latest USB-C battery pack is wrapped in fabric and designed to charge a MacBook

Mophie simultaneously announced and released a new battery pack today — the USB-C XXL — that features both USB-C and USB-A ports. The 19,500mAh portable battery is meant to charge larger gadgets, like Apple’s new MacBooks and the Nintendo Switch, with its 30W fast-charging. Any smaller USB-C-enabled smartphone can be charged, too, or iPhones and iPads from the USB-A port. The USB-A port handles up to 5W charging.

The USB-C port either accepts or provides a charge, so that’s how you’ll keep the XXL powered. (The pack also comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable and a USB-A to USB-C cable.) You can, of course, charge two devices at once with the battery, and add up to 16 hours of battery life to a MacBook, according to Mophie.

What’s most exciting to me is the inclusion of fabric on the battery pack. Mophie says it’s supposed to add a “premium look and feel.” I do think it classes the external battery up a bit — or at least photographs well. As is always the case with Mophie, the XXL isn’t cheap. It costs $149.95, although at least you’re getting that “premium look and feel” and a USB-C port for the cost.