Microsoft Word now reads text aloud to help people with dyslexia

Microsoft has been testing a number of text-to-speech features in Word over the years, but it’s finally found a solid way to implement the feature. In the latest Office 365 updates this month, the software giant is enabling a new Read Aloud feature in Word. It’s similar to the existing Read Mode that was introduced in December, but it now includes the ability to easily change speed and voice, while interacting with text or highlights and making edits in real-time.

The new options to interact with text while Word is reading text aloud mean the feature is more finely tuned towards users with dyslexia. Reading the text aloud makes it easier to spot and correct mistakes, and the option will also help those who just want to proof read a document. Read Aloud is probably a feature you’ll want to use with your headphones, and it’s now available in the review tab for Office 365 testers, with general availability to everyone later this year.