Microsoft is now selling Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Microsoft is now making two Windows Mixed Reality headsets available to anyone today. The software giant has listed Acer’s headset in its online Microsoft Store for $299, alongside the $329 HP headset. Both headsets have similar specifications, including 2.89-inch displays and six degrees of freedom tracking for Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality world.

Microsoft first opened preorders for its headsets back in May, allowing developers to get early access. While these headsets are still aimed at developers, anyone can purchase them from the Microsoft Store today. Both development kits use internal tracking sensors, which removes the need for external cameras or markers. The experience of the headsets is very similar to VR, regardless of the “mixed reality” branding.

Despite revealing surprisingly low minimum specs for its Windows Mixed Reality back in December, Microsoft’s listing in its online store suggests you’ll need a PC with an Nvidia GTX 980 / 1060 or higher to get a good experience. That’s far from the minimum integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 specs that were promised, but hopefully Microsoft is still tweaking its Windows Mixed Reality shell to run apps smoothly on less powerful machines. Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo are all planning to release Windows Mixed Reality headsets later this year.