Apple hints at least one new iPhone is coming this September

After months of rumors that the next iPhone will be delayed, Apple has given a quiet cue to the contrary. In its earnings release today, Apple said it expects to see anywhere from $49 billion to $52 billion in revenue next quarter — a number high enough to indicate that an iPhone will launch on time. The quarter runs through September 30th, so we should expect to see an early September iPhone event and a launch a week or so thereafter.

Tim Cook hinted as much during a call discussing the earnings, saying Apple would have “very exciting Fall.”

That said, this doesn’t necessarily mean the redesigned iPhone that’s been leaking out is what Apple plans to release this September. There’s been some speculation that Apple could split the phone line: release an iPhone 7S in September, and release the redesigned model a few months later. Cook also promised more products “later this year,” but it’s likely we’ll see new iPads and potentially refreshed Macs around then too.